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Partial Post of letter sent to Erin Brokovich

1. After a letter was sent to Erin Brokovich, and to Enviornmental Justice, and Earth Justice, dates were changed, and suddenly documents changed before our eyes as well, and the Superfund Site of the Union Pacific Railroad was no longer listed in the NPL listing of the EPA. I have copies of the listings before it was changed, and it will be posted as I compse the postings properly.

2. I am listing only part of the letter sent to Erin Brokovich as written by Wesley Peden, to focus only on the Superfund Sites, as the letter contained other information that was not solely information about the contamination that has killed many animal's and residents, without any remedy for the folks that have lived and died, and have been ill. The residents are poor, so they have no voice, and the legal system is so corrupt in Oroville, California, it is impossible for any low income resident to obtain any kind of justice in this County, or stop the contamination.

Most residents who do expose this, are killed, die too early from cancer to do anything, or have their house burned down, and have to move, or the Butte County Code Enforcement will find a way to set up things, so the County can seize the property.

The animals that die from the poisons, are ususally blamed on the owners, or events are set up with animal mutilation's and poisoning that takes place by individuals, and the Animal Control Officers will do nothing about it, as in our case, and even pretend that the horrid events didn't even take place.

There is no investigation for the people going through these things in the Superfund Site areas. I will do postings that will explain these events in full, and lets hope that Gary Brown does not hire someone else again to burn the houses down that he wants people with evidence to move from.

Here is some of what was said to Erin Brokovich:

"During this three year evidence gathering investigation, we also discovered other implications, including some environmental issues which mirror some of the cases you have pursued. I will try to include as many correlating facts in this letter as I can, without getting long winded, or boring. As to the environmental implications, I will give you a short description of where we live.

The street where our now condemned, and being restored house is, is named Helman Street. About a half of a mile away, is a local cemetery, named Memorial Park. In the center of this cemetery is what locals have always called “Cemetery Hill”, which is the highest point in Oroville. From there, you can plainly see Helman Street, and even closer, Clinton Ave, the street I grew up on. From this point, you can also see, within half a mile of each other, the three largest Superfund Sites in Butte County. Koppers Corporation, Louisiana Pacific Corporation, and the Western Pacific Rail yards. And if you look just below you, in what the kids have always called the “Big Field”, you see just that, a large, open field, separating the cemetery from Arnold Ave, which is the next block over from Clinton Ave.

And at the bottom of this field, where an old unused railroad track runs through, is the “Frog Pond”. I played in this pond as a kid, and my kids did, and now, other kids are. With all of the contamination and runoff that fills this pond every Winter, it surprises me that it does not glow in the dark.

And with the Butte County agency that focused it’s harassment and attacks on us for many years, since we started gathering this evidence, Butte County Code Enforcement, it kind of becomes coincidental as to the ground, and groundwater contamination in our neighborhood.

Even though all of the residents are assured by local government that everything is perfectly safe, and these corporations are working hard to clean things up, I have watched many people die of numerous diseases and Cancers, including my Mom, and my Dad.

The Oroville area, especially our immediate neighborhood, has a higher Cancer rate than any other in the State of California, per capita. And during the year, at least three times a year, along with my water bill, is a notice that the water being supplied to my neighborhood is not fit for human consumption. But now remember, the Government sources tell us everything is safe.

Our lives have been threatened numerous times, and we have had one attempted drive by. Our friends, and other people in the community who have joined with us, have been threatened, harassed, and killed.

The three Superfund sites overlap each other. On one map we found, it shows the location of the sites as tiny purple dots, spaced far apart. But in reality, if you take a basic, one mile radius for each site, which is definitely an underestimation, you have three overlapping circles, which all triangulate right in the middle of our neighborhood.

We know that a few of the chemicals involved in this are PCBs, Creasote, Formaldehyde, Asbestous, Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, and a lot of others I can’t pronounce. These things don’t “go away” with time, as the government sources try to tell us, they just become more imbedded in the soil and water.

We are collecting soil, water, and other samples from various locations, so that, some day, maybe someone will test them, and the truth will no longer be hidden by bureaucracy, lies, and corporate agendas.

(Information not in the orginal letter.)

( This was done, and the test samples came out with high levels of Formaldehyde, Creasote, Arsenic, and on down from there. This was from our Mulberry Tree at the 1970 Helman Street Address.)

(We couldn't figure out why the fleas would not stay off of our pets, no matter what measures were taken, and we found during our investigation that Formaldehyde creates a sweet smell that attracts fleas to such a degree that even when an animal has died, the fleas will stay on the animal.)

The more I have thought about it, and the timeline of events, everything that has happened to me, and my family, has been a consequence of the environmental issues. A small example would be that, in October of 1993, when my Mom died, I was angry (normal), and wanted to blame someone for what had happened (also normal).

So using the investigative techniques I had used for years professionally (private security and investigations), I began trying to find whoever was responsible for my loss. I obtained her medical file, including the lab reports from her tests and biopsies.

Smoking caused the tiny bit of emphysema that she had, but particles of asbestos and other fibers were found in her lungs, and the other types of Cancer were normally caused by exposure to PCBs.

Mom had worked as a waitress, and in a fruit cannery all of her life, not an industrial complex where these chemicals would be prominent. However, right across the street were places that did use these chemicals.

In January of 1994, I went to jail for the first time in my life, at 35 years old, under what everyone in Oroville knows were fictitious charges, and when I got out 92 days later, I discovered that, during the “search” of my house in my absence, all of the documentation and research I had collected was gone. There was also a lot of other things gone, and given what I had just been though, all I wanted was to do what I was told. And I never really thought about that, until sometime later.

Each time in my life that I have gathered any information or evidence concerning the illegalities being committed by persons in authority in Butte County, there has been some kind of retaliatory action, allegation, or accusation, which was intended to destroy my credibility, the information I had, and my reputation. But people never try to discredit the truth, do they?

I would say that you would not believe the information and evidence we have discovered and uncovered in this, but given who you are, and what you’ve seen, you would believe it. We have even documented things online that, if you look at them at face value, without ever talking to anyone actually living in Oroville, those government and corporate decisions seem pretty innocuous. From where you are, you look at these things, and if you view them from a basic perspective, they seem pretty simple, and forthright. But from where I am, We are, sitting right in the middle of this contamination and corruption, the view is a lot different. We have watched online documentation change basically right in front of our eyes. One day, we pull up some administrative action concerning Butte County, and these corporations, and fifteen minutes later, we refresh the page, the names, dates, and decisions are completely changed. But no matter how much doctoring, changing, fabricating, and falsifying they do, they cannot change the facts. Water and soil samples can’t be faked.

If sending you other information concerning our findings and evidence is acceptable, and you are interested in possibly pursuing this, or even if you are as concerned as we are about our kids, and want to know more, please let us know.

As Pamela and Myself are both disabled, and get SSI, sending you information will probably need to coincide with immediately after the first of the month, when we have the money to make copies, and ship it to you. We have a box, very similar to the one in the movie, filled with information and evidence, among briefcases, totes, and a scattering of paperwork at any given time across our kitchen table, and our day bed, which doubles as our bedroom (our Son gets the bedroom).

Upon requests from Pamela, from here down, I am including items that we have sent to others concerning our situation. From these, you can get a perspective of not only what we are going through, and the evidence we have gathered, but also the fact that, as long as we remain breathing, we are not going to stop trying to fight this corruption and bureaucracy.

We are victims, but we are not the only victims. And as long as kids are being hurt, abused, victimized, poisoned, and killed, we will not rest until someone listens, and something is done. I am not a “preachy” Pastor, I keep it simple. But I do know that we are the first people who have ever survived long enough to bring any of this to any State or Federal agency. That, is a Testimony in itself, and telling me we are going in the right direction.

In closing, before I include the other information, I would like to impart some words of wisdom from my Dad, who had a third grade education, but was one of the wisest men I have ever known. “If it ain’t right, it ain’t right, no matter who tries to tell you it is”.

Your portrayal in the movie was a person who lived by these simple words. I thank you for your time, and the inspiration that movie, and your life, have given us to persevere through the persecution, oppression, harassment, and threats that we continue to endure. Thank You, and God Bless.

Wes Peden
1970 Helman Street

Oroville, Ca. 95966

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Closer View Of Helman Street. Posted by Picasa

This is the puddle is what the wild animal's and people's pet's drink from during the Winter at the end of Helman Street. Posted by Picasa

This is a picture taken from the dead railroad spur at the end of Helman Street. The crosswalk is seen going to the Market on Lincoln Blvd. for all of the residents residing near the Marysville/Bagget Superfund Sites. Posted by Picasa

This is me walking along a dead spur of the Railroad Tracks. The superfund sites are just across the street of the small houses that you see behind me with children that live there currently. Posted by Picasa

Picture Of The Railroad Tracks, Mail Truck, My Monte Carlo, Puddle Of Water, and The Crosswalk on Lincoln Blvd. Posted by Picasa
I am uploading a picture that is taken at the end of Helman Street. I am walking along the railroad tracks along Lincoln Blvd. We took a picture of the water build up of people walking from the Marysville/Bagget Track to the market across the road.

Many children walk through this build up of water in the Winter. Wild Animal's and Household pets also drink from this water. Our house that was sold with a deed restriction is where the white Monte Carlo is parked in the front, and the mail truck is delivering the mail.

Maps don't show how close the Superfund Sites are. In the picture, the fence where the Superfund Sites are, can be seen at the end of Helman Street. This is very close. Many children play along the fence line, and play in the contaminated water. The railroad cars can be seen in the background as well.

Many homeless people stay in these box cars, and they do not know that it is toxic enough to give them cancer and other ailments. The homeless also camp in nearby sites, and it has been one of many places to be the only acceptable places that the County allows the homeless to camp.

Remember the mulberry tree that was tested by the mail truck at 1970 Helman St. tested to be highly toxic. What is the County really up to allowing this?

Written by, Pamela Mulaskeey

Friday, September 23, 2005

Below is one link and what was on that link about Kopper's Superfund Site.


Description: Since 1948 until March 15, 2001, the 205-acre Koppers Company, Inc. (Oroville Plant) site was used to conduct wood treating operations to prevent wood deterioration by insects or fungi. Koppers purchased the plant from the National Wood Treating Company in 1955 and closed the facility March 15, 2001. Chemical and wastewater handling procedures and wood treatment and storage operations have contaminated the soil and groundwater on and off site. Fires at the Koppers facility occurred in 1963 and 1987, causing increased contamination at the site. Groundwater, surface water, and soils on and off site have been contaminated with pentachlorophenol (PCP) and other hazardous substances used in Koppers' wood treating activities. The contaminated groundwater is located beneath this site and off-property south of the Koppers site. In 1973, PCP was discovered in nearby residential wells that are used as a source of drinking water. In 1988, the Koppers Company, Inc. was bought by the parent company of Beazer East, Inc (BEI). BEI later sold the wood treating plants to Koppers Industries, Inc. (KII). After KII closed its wood treating operation in March 200, KII resold the site back to BEI in November 2002. Since 1988, BEI has been the recognized potentially responsible party. Approximately 10,650 people live within a three mile radius of the site. These people also depend on groundwater as their source of drinking water. The site is within one mile of the nearest water supply well, and there are other water supply wells within three miles of the site. Contamination of groundwater from site-related chemicals extends two miles to the south. Site Responsibility: This site is being addressed through Federal and potentially responsible parties' actions.

NPL LISTING HISTORY Proposed Date: 09/08/1983 Final Date: 09/21/1984 Deleted Date:


Groundwater, surface water, and soil contain pentachlorophenol (PCP), dioxins, furans, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and heavy metals including copper, chromium, and arsenic. Potential health risks include drinking contaminated surface water or groundwater, or coming into direct contact with or accidentally ingesting contaminated soils. An alternative drinking water supply was provided to residents with the potential for contaminated domestic groundwater wells.


This site is being addressed in two stages: initial actions (completed) and a long-term remedial phase focusing on cleanup of the entire site in process. Response Action Status Initial Actions: An alternative water supply was provided by BEI to residents south of the site in areas of potential groundwater contamination since 1986. Between 1987 and 1988, the EPA directed the construction of a temporary chip seal cap over the contaminated soil in the process area. The cap functioned to stabilize the site and to prevent contact with contaminants after a fire spread hazardous substances. In 1994, the EPA directed BEI to build an on-site landfill for disposal of surface soils containing high levels of dioxins. The 15,000 cubic yard landfill Cell #1 was completed in 1995. Subsequent detailed investigations determined dioxin soil contamination was widespread preventing the planned soil remedies. Entire Site: The potentially responsible party for site contamination completed a study of the site in 1989. The EPA used the results of this study to select the following methods to address site contamination: removing and treating contaminated groundwater with a carbon adsorption process; treating the contaminated soil in place; capping the wood treating area; providing a permanent water supply to those residents with contaminated wells; and discharging treated groundwater to the aquifer. Two groundwater extraction and treatment systems were installed: one on-site (400 gpm) and one off-site (600 gpm). Both use a carbon absorption process, with discharge to recharge injection wells. In 1989, the EPA selected three different treatment technologies to clean up approximately 335,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil. However, treatability tests conducted during the design phases showed that the selected technologies could not achieve cleanup goals for all contaminants. BEI initiated a focused feasibility study to evaluate other cleanup alternatives for soils in 1995. In August of 1996, a Record of Decision (ROD) Amendment #1 was issued changing the soil remedy to on-site landfilling of the remaining contaminated soils. ROD Amendment #1 changed the cleanup standard to industrial use and required deed restrictions to prohibit future residential development. In December 1997 and January 2003, as required by the Consent Decree and the ROD, the EPA conducted 5 year remedy reviews. Both five year reviews concluded the remedy remains protective. In September 23, 1999, the EPA issued a ROD Amendment #2 to modify the remedy to 1) provide for a Technical Impracticability Waiver due to Dense Non-Aqueous Liquid for 4 acres of the 200 acre site, 2) add enhanced in-situ bioremediation to the remedy, and 3) provide for Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) as a contingency remedy. A modification to the Consent Decree modification for ROD Amendments #1 and #2 was completed September 22, 2003. The land use covenant provision of the ROD restricting the site to industrial use and access and use of groundwater under the site were recorded with the Butte County Recorder on November 12, 2003.Koppers Industries, Inc. closed the wood treating facility in March 15, 2001 and completed its Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) closure under State of California Doversight July 2002. Remediation of the area beneath the process area became accessible after the RCRA closure. Final soil remediation was completed in September 2002.With soil remediation complete and groundwater contamination under control a Preliminary Closeout Report was issued September 4, 2003. To review this preliminary report double click on its title below under Site Documents and Report section. A Final Closure Report cannot be issued until groundwater aquifer has been restored to the cleanup levels of the ROD which will be years in the future. Site Facts: In 1982, the State issued two orders to Koppers to clean up contaminated soil and groundwater at the site. In 1986, the EPA and Koppers signed a Consent Order, which required the company to conduct a study into the nature and extent of contamination at the site. In December 1990, BEI signed a Consent Decree to perform the engineering design and cleanup activities at the site. An Explanation of Significant Differences was issued January of 1991 which limited soils cleanup to five feet unless a potential source to groundwater were found. In August of 1996, a ROD Amendment #1 was issued changing the soil remedy to an on-site landfill. In September 1999, a ROD amendment #2 was issued modifying the groundwater remedy to provide for 1) 4 acre Technical Impracticability Zone, 2) adding enhanced in-situ bioremediation to the remedy and 3) providing MNA as a contingency remedy.


GroundwaterTo prevent exposure to contaminated groundwater from domestic wells, city water was provided in 1986 to residents with potential for exposure and is paid for by BEI. As the off-property remediation has progressed the need for the alternative water supply program has been reduced from the original thirty-four (34) recipients to seven (7). The remaining seven (7) water supply recipients will continue to receive payment for alternative water supply usage until ROD standards have been met for their drinking water wells.The off-property treatment facility was taken off-line in December of 1995 as the plume degraded and no contaminants were being removed by the extraction wells. The treatment facility remains in reserve. The residual off-property plume is no longer being fed by contaminants on-property and has assumed a stationary position which is being monitored. In August 1998 a pilot in-situ bioremediation program to assist in PCP degradation was initiated and incorporated into the remedy September 1999. The program calls for the addition of nutrients (diammonium phosphate) and oxygen (magnesium peroxide) to three wells and monitoring at five wells. The PCP concentrations in the off-property wells are decreasing. The on-property treatment facility remains in operation and is containing contaminants on property. The on-property and off-property plumes are no longer connected.In April 1998 a pilot in-situ bioremediation program was initiated to degrade PCP and incorporated into the remedy September 1999. The program calls for the addition of nutrients (diammonium phosphate) and oxygen (magnesium peroxide) to six wells and monitoring at five wells. The PCP concentrations in the off-property wells are decreasing.March 8, 1999 BEI submitted a Final Evaluation of Technical Impracticability (TI) of Groundwater Restoration in the Former Creosote Pond and Cellon Blowdown Areas On-property. EPA issued a proposed plan for public comment in March 1999 and ROD Amendment #2 in September 1999 to 1) provide for a Technical Impracticability Waiver due to Dense Non-Aqueous Liquid for 4 acres of the site, 2) add Enhanced in-situ Bioremediation to the remedy, and 3) provide for Monitored Natural Attenuation as a Contingency remedy. TI zone is being monitored and enhanced in-situ bioremediation has been implemented for groundwater remediation.With the demolition of the wood treating facility in 2001 and 2002, boron was mobilized from the DriCon/CCA area and detected by monitoring well MW-8 above the action level. The downgradient on-property treatment plant does not treat for boron. As an interim measure, MW-8 was converted to an extraction well to dilute the boron concentration to continue reinjection below the cleanup level. BEI prepare a Long-term Groundwater Remediation Work Plan which was approved by the EPA. Boron reading at MW-8 have been declining. SoilsIn 1987/88 a temporary chip seal cap was placed over the process area. In 1992, two concrete drip pads were installed in the process area to contain wood treating chemicals and prevent any further soil contamination. The cap and drip pads were demolished in 2002 as part of KII's facility closure. Two landfill cells were constructed for disposal of contaminated soils on site. Cell #1 (13,000 cubic yards) was completed in August 1995 as a Removal Action. Cell #2 (147,000 cubic yards capacity) was closed September 2002 with the completion of the soil remediation efforts for the site. 6,000 cubic yards of boron impacted soil was removed from the newly discovered Dri-Con/CCA source and placed in Cell #2 prior to its closure. With soil remediation complete and control of groundwater in place a Preliminary Closeout Report was issued for the site September 4, 2003. A land use covenant was recorded with the Butte County Recorder on November 12, 2003 restricting the site to industrial use and the access and use of groundwater under the site.


Potentially responsible parties (PRPs) refers to companies that are potentially responsible for generating, transporting, or disposing of the hazardous waste found at the site. As agreed to in the 1992 Consent Decree for the Koppers Site Remediation, Beazer East, Inc. is the PRP for the Koppers Site in Oroville.


The public information repositories for the site are at the following locations:Butte County Public Library, 1820 Mitchell Ave., Oroville, CA 95965Meriam Library, California State University at Chico, Chico, CA 95929-0295 The most complete collection of documents is the official EPA site file, maintained at the following location:Superfund Records CenterMail Stop SFD-7C95 Hawthorne Street, Room 403San Francisco, CA 94105 (415) 536-2000Enter main lobby of 75 Hawthorne street, go to 4th floor of South Wing Annex. CONTACTS EPA SITE MANAGER: Charles Berrey ADDRESS: PHONE NUMBER: (415) 972-3146 E-MAIL ADDRESS: EPA COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT COORDINATOR: Jackie Lane ADDRESS: PHONE NUMBER: 1-800-231-3075 E-MAIL ADDRESS: PUBLIC INFORMATION CENTER: (415) 947-8701 E-MAIL ADDRESS: STATE CONTACT: DTSC - Ed CargileRWQCB - Phil Woodward ADDRESS: PHONE NUMBER: (530) 255-3703(530) 224-4853 After Hours (Emergency Response) State Environmental Protection Agency US Environmental Protection Agency (800) 852-7550 (800) 424-8802
My name is Pamela Mulaskey from Oroville, California. There are some serious issues taking place here in Oroville, and it could affect most of California’s water supply. There is also a serious problem with a former commercial treatment plant, called “Koppers.” The location of this plant is now a super fund site, and the contaminating chemicals such as creosote, formaldehyde, and other carcinogenic chemicals continue to contaminate the area, and leach into the water supply. As of yet, there has been no real attempt of a cleanup operation at any time. I have made a map of the areas that I am talking about below.

Many of our pets have been sickly, and die. Animal control helps in the cover up of this problem by blaming owners for improper care when the animals are sick from poisoning, and become anemic. It is well known that arsenic kills cats slowly, and I believe this is what took place with many of our cats from the contamination. We had others killing our cats on purpose, and animal control would do nothing about any of the reports. I believe that this was part of the cover up as well. Someone is mutilating the animals, and it takes the focus off of the real problem.

Contamination that makes living where we are not only unsafe for human habitation, but animal life in the whole area. When I lived on Lincoln Blvd. Before an arson fire in December of 2002, our many cats had litters that always died no matter what measures were taken. When I moved to Helman Street after the fire, our many cats had the same problems. About ninety-eight percent of the kittens born die. Some of the litters have had malformations. Wesley Peden and I were doing animal rescue as we could for abandoned cats. Most of the cats were killed by people doing animal mutilations, or from poisoning and being sickly.

During the summer of 2004, there was a time that if any pet of ours walked on the pavement, it was dead within three weeks from symptoms of poisoning. Wes and I are already involved in a muti-million dollar lawsuit against Butte County for corruptions by governmental and local officials. Our lives have been put in danger already, and I want to make sure that the issues I had knowledge of were exposed in case anything should happen that we die. After looking at the map below, my next article will that where our house on Helman Street is has been unfit for human habitation, and how crimes committed by local code enforcement are committed, and why to cover up the truth about this area without being prosecuted.

I was told by a confidential informant that if I made this knowledge public, that a huge fire would start, and all the people in their homes that are affected by the superfund sites will not have a home any longer. If there is a huge fire that takes place after posting here, the public will know the truth.

Written by,
Pamela Mulaskey

Picture was inserted of map that I made: Written meaning of map I made below.

1. The Superfund Sites are denoted by little purple boxes.
2. The red circles denote the actual base contamination area.
3. The red circle in the middle of the map denotes a cemetery which uses chemicals which also drain into the frog pond.
4. The frog pond which is denoted by a dark blue oval near the middle of the map, is a standing body of drainage water that
exists well into the summer that children play in.
5. The yellow areas denote ditches along the road, and other drainage ditches that children play in, and local pets drink from.
6. This entire area, as it is close to schools is close to lots of little kids.
7. We live on Helman Street, and many of our animals have become sickly and die. Most litters of kittens and puppies in this
area die.
8. The frog pond and surrounding bodies of water create mutated frogs and contaminated mosquitoes. Some frogs have been
seen with less than four, and more than four legs.
9. There are many cases of terminal cancer associated with this area.
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Monday, September 19, 2005

Bagget Tract
Residents of the greater Oroville area are generally familiar with the Bagget-Marysville Road area, or to be politically correct, the Bagget Tract. This area, which sets between Lincoln Blvd on the East, 5th Ave on the West, and stretches from Oro Dam Blvd to Ophir Road is one of the lower income areas of the community. It is also, because of the fact it houses three of the most toxic Superfund sites in the United States, one of the most contaminated areas. The Federal Deed restrictions on any piece of property in the tract is a fact. Anyone who sells property in the tract either does so "under the table", or they are part of LAFCO, and use their EPA privilages to disguise the truth. The number of cases of Cancer, birth defects, and other environmentally based illnesses, is 92% higher than the national average, and 74% higher than areas in East Oroville. Most Landlords of property in this area know about the Deed restrictions. That is why they either seel the property dirt cheap, with no questions asked, or they carry their own loans. Renting is one thing, but selling contaminated property is quite another. And since the residents of this area are low income, no one cares. They can't afford to relocate, so they stay, and die. The levels of Arsenic, Creasote, Lead, Mercury, Formaldehyde, and other toxic chemicals in the dirt, trees, grass, fruit, nuts, water table, and everything else, along Bagget Road, are beyond hazardous, and well within the toxic category. There are some areas, such as the "rail yards", where the groundwater and soil levels are actually listed in the "lethal" category. In other words, drink any of the water being secretly pumped from the ground in this area, and you're DEAD. And for anyone who doubts this, we have a suggestion : take the Bagget Road cutoff, off of Lincoln Blvd, drive south, until you come to the fenced off area on your right, follow that to within about 75 feet from the end of the fence (right across from the little pink houses), stop your car, and look West. Just inside the fence you will see a small enclosure, which houses a "box with lights". The steel box is about four feet square. This is the monitoring module for the groundwater contamination pump just to the left, and about 100 feet away. This pump is used periodically to remove some of the groundwater contained in the underground holding ponds in that area. If you happen to be there when they are pumping the water into one of the hazardous waste transport trucks, the smell coming from that water, unless you have a really strong constitution, will make you nauseous, and has been known to make people pass out, and lie there vomiting, unconcious. Go ahead, take a drink of the Bagget Tract groundwater. And this is what the residents of this area live with. The kids play in the "frog pond", which is the runoff from Memorial Park Cemetary, among other contaminants. They also ride their bikes through the mud in the ditches along Bagget Road. Not only are the local residents unaware of the seriousness of the contamination levels, but if they ask anyone in authority, or check out the "official" reports, all they get is a pack of lies. Persons in Positions of Authority in Butte County own and operate LAFCO. LAFCO, in turn, owns and operates the local division of the EPA. The "commercial" areas of the Bagget Tract are owned primarily by persons in positions of authority in Butte County. Connecting the dots as to just who is making a profit from this contaminated waste dump is not rocket science. And pretty much, if LAFCO wants to "make a buck" from some area of Oroville, they make up the rules as they go along. In the minutes from a recent LAFCO meeting, there was an area that LAFCO representatives could profit from, just outside of the Tract, and one person did not want to be incorporated into their agenda. His property, which he had bought and paid for, was his property, and he didn't want to "sell out". So the LAFCO members decided that, if this person wouldn't go along with their agenda, they would simply take his property anyways, and file a restraining order against him. The old days, of "Railroad Barons" burning down the homes of Settlers who would not "sell out", and give them their property, are back, in the guise of the "Organization to Prevent Urban Sprawl", known as LAFCO. Only in this case, instead of sending in a group of outlaws to beat, rape, and terrorize property owners, they use their corrupted and communist laws that they make up as they go along. There are rumors that a "major industry" is interested in the Bagget Tract area. And you can be assured that, when the time comes, the residents of that area will have a lot more harassment, threats, false arrest and imprisonment, and other terrorist tactics by Butte County agencies than they already do. The residents of that area, being low income, are harassed and terrorized already by Law Enforcement, Code Enforcement, Animal Control, and other Butte County agencies. This constant harassment and threat is to keep them so disrupted that they either can't learn the truth, or when they do, can't do anything about it. And when "Big Money" decides they want to develop the area, they will be harassed and threatened, or falsely accused and convicted, right out of their house. LAFCO will make a profit off of the Bagget Tract, and the people who live, and die there, will simply be "run off". This is only part of the facts concerning the Superfund Sites, Contamination, and Corruption and Communism that is Oroville California.
Why This Blog ???
This Blog was created for the sole purpose of educating people concerning the truth about the contamination of Oroville California. The Local EPA is owned and operated by Persons in Positions of Authority in Oroville, through the organization known as LAFCO. So finding the truth, unless you live here, and watch your family and friends die here, will never happen as long as you listen to the "authorities". Oroville has not 1, not 2, but 7 of the highest profile Superfund Sites in the State of California, and 3 of those are the highest rated in the United States. Oroville is basically, because of Koppers, Louisiana Pacific, Union Pacific, Western Pacific, and numerous others, a toxic waste disposal site. There are restricted areas, Deed Restrictions, Well Water issues, ground contamination, and other issues throughout the area. Some of the contamination, such as Mercury Levels, date back to the Gold Rush of the 1800s. And all of this is covered over by Big Money Investors, and LAFCO, while people die from Cancer, children are born with birth defects, and tadpoles turn into frogs with six legs. We will be posting items on this Blog, so that the world, and the Real EPA, can see the truth about Oroville.